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This is my original post from Yelp.  I'm usually there on Mondays for lunch and try to go there two times per month for dinner.  It's also going to be my site for my 50th birthday dinner. 


This is an update to my 2011 review.  I eat here at least 1 per week.  It's my favorite all time restaurant.  The bar is fun and can be a little loud but if you want quiet there is the dining room  The staff is really professional and friendly.  The food is high quality and everyone I've ever met here for dinner or lunch always brags about how awesome the Tewks is.  Their menu changes between lunch and dinner so I'll give you my highlights for each...

Lunch: Lunch is spectacular.  I usually get oysters that are fresh and shucked nicely,

Fresh Shucked Oysters from Tewksbury Inn
Fresh Shucked Oysters from Tewksbury Inn

but if you are looking for something else: the french onion soup which is traditionally prepared and flavorful, the mussels (get extra croutons because you will want to drink the broth), steak carpaccio, and the sesame wings which are magical (get them at lunch because they aren't available at dinner).   Lunch entrees include the burger which is one of the best in the area (get in rare with blue cheese, fried onions, and mushrooms and thank me later), any of their salads (tuna nicoise and buffalo chicken are my favorites), or the bistro chicken which should be named the best friggin' pan fried chicken.  I also love their caesar salad - yeah i get it it's romaine but their homemade dressing is plate licking good and I also love the pan seared trout.  Heck, even their cole slaw tastes great and I hate cole slaw.

Dinner: Dinner is even better than lunch if that's possible. There are a few overlaps with lunch appetizers but must orders for dinner are the butter poached lobster and boston bibb salad.  I NEVER eat dinner at the Tewksbury Inn without ordering the butter poached lobster.  If I want to try something else, I ask my girlfriend to order something else and then we split the apps.    For entrees, I love the pineapple marinated hangar steak (get it rare), pan roasted sole which is a new item (I had this a week ago and LOVED IT), the sesame crusted tuna, and the lamb shank.  At dinner, I do try to get one of the specials but if not, I go with  one of my go to items mentioned above.  Finally, the burger IS available but it's off menu so you need to ask for it.

This is my favorite restaurant around.  I'd eat here every day if I could.  If you have any worries just follow my recommended items and thank me.  Maybe they will even let you order the sesame wings in the bar at dinner time; probably not, but tell them you read my awesome review and maybe you'll be surprised.

Go and Love The Tewksbury Inn.


Caesar Salad from Tewksbury Inn
Caesar Salad from Tewksbury Inn

Like I wrote above, Lisa and I are usually here on Monday's for lunch.  In fact, during a business work week you'll find me at my corner table with my laptop working.  As usual, I had the oysters and the caesar salad which is the entree portion with anchovies and extra dressing.  I eat every drop of the caesar salad dressing.

Not shown in any pics, I also had the bistro chicken but without their delicious mashed potatoes and opted to double the sautéed spinach.  Still awesome.  

It's all great.



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