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Publick House Chester NJ

This is my review from the middle of April 2016.

We've always had great service and personal attention from The Publick House and when there is a band there we have an awesome time.

You can usually find me there for lunch during the week.  The wait staff is always friendly as is their manager Freddie.

I usually order one of the items below ....

1) wings - these are your basic tasty buffalo wings which I always love to eat.  Nothing fancy - no 100 types of sauce just mild and hot with blue cheese.  I like mine a little more well done but they are good and solid.

2) wood grilled pizza - it's a total surprise.  It tastes great and they have some real

The Publick House Clams Oreganato
The Publick House Clams Oreganato

good combinations.  I usually get the veggie and unlike other pizza places they are cooked nicely and don't overwhelm the delicious wood grilled flavor.

3) Caesar salad with either grilled chicken or marinated steak.  I like the chicken best and the salad and dressing is well done.  The dressing tastes fresh and homemade.

4) roasted eggplant with rigatoni which is one of my favorite. It's in a light tomato sauce and very flavorful.

I've tried some of their pasta dishes and I've always enjoyed them.

The Publick House has good food, good prices, good drinks and when they have live music it's a great place to be.  

Here's a quick update.  I switched to a different diet and stopped eating the pizza and pasta.  I try to come here once a week for lunch.  I get the same thing which is totally delicious.  A vodka martini with house stuffed blue cheese olives and their chick pea salad with grilled chicken.  The Chickpea salad is loaded with chickpeas, veggies and olive oil and the grilled chicken is always well cooked.  Here is a picture from this past week. Lisa usually orders soup (lentil) and their clams oreganato (pictured above).  If you stick to the items mentioned in my original review above or the pictures below you'll have a great time.


Publick House Chickpea Salad
The Publick House Chickpea Salad


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