James on Main Hackettstown NJ

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I love eating out and I eat out a lot.  I was an avid user of Yelp and for years that was my primary vehicle for restaurant reviews.  Then along came Instagram and I started making a lot of picture posts and even once in a while I'd live stream from restaurants.  My initial good reviews of restaurants were rewarded by the chefs, better seatings, happy greetings, and trials of food.  So like a good Yelper I'd make followup posts.

However, this got me 🤔 what's the value of my posting and checking in more at Yelp?  To get a "coveted" Duke badge?  The restaurants that I frequented didn't reward or recognize me as a Yelp Duke; they recognized me as a regular 😊 customer.  Why should I continue to Yelp after an initial review?  I kept posting pics and tweeting from those spots which the restaurant management loved - so why Yelp or Open Table after the first review?

Hence, IEatOutALot.com.  I might still post a review at Yelp but no more checkins or followup reviews.  I'll definitely post pics on Instagram but I'll also post reviews, follow-ups, and pics here.  I'll include pics of the foods, pics of my family and friends, and a lot of the times pics with my girlfriend Lisa.  You'll get the main review and then quick pics/posts from follow ups.

I hope you enjoy and come back a lot.  If you are a food snob and want to post - happy to provide a platform for you.



James on Main with Lisa and Eric
Lisa and Eric at James on Main in Hackettstown NJ



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